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How does successful Keyword Research work

keyword research
How to do a keyword research? How to find the best keywords? How to differentiate between good and bad keywords? Discover our short guide.

How to do your keyword research? How to find the best keywords? How to differentiate between good and bad keywords? Can i do keyword research for free? We will help you with this article and give you a small starting guideline on keyword research and analysis, as keyword research tips.

Keyword Research

Let us take the search shorttail keyword “webdesign“.
We will look upon how to do a successful keyword research, with the strategie around good keywords, medium keywords and bad keywords.

First of all, a shorttail keyword is a generic search notion, which could be from one to up to two words, which generate a high search volume. Shorttail or short tail or even shorthead keywords are therefore not very specific, as in opposition to longtail or long tail keywords, which are almost complete sentences.

Note on where to find keywords for your research would be with any SEO Tool. Most of them have it for free for this, if it is a one time use. For more often uses, you would have to pay and the prices might be quiet high and unaffordable for your small business.

We would advice you to use these thee:

Keyword search results

Doing a small research about webdesign, would give us the a few shorttail and maybe some longtail keywords. For the example, we will first display as the following a complete list of what our keyword research tool gave to us.

We may have:
google web designer tutorial, webdesign, webdesign software, webdesign Frankfurt, local web designers near me, website designer free, web design definition, website design inspiration, rights reserved web design, web design for beginners, web page designer, website designer g, html designer, web digitizer, webdesigner ausbildung, google webpage, free web design, free web design software, websites designer, google html, html design, web designs, responsive webdesign, web designer near me, how to design, design websites, design web, freelance web designers, best web design, websider, web design and development, ウェブデザイン,web design course, web design templates, web design companies, what is web designing, web design services, webデザイン技能検定,web design agency, web site designers, website designs, google web page, جوجل ويب, what is web design, web design inspiration, google design, website designers, website layout, web site designer, design website, web design software, ウェブデザイン技能検定,web page design, webdesigner, web design company, webデザイン, web-denis, google web designer, web designers, web designing, web designer, generateanimator google, website designer, web design, website design, pwd, google web”.

As we may see, we even have some foreign alphabets mixed into the fray and some other keywords, which should go directly into the trash.
At a first glance, these would have seemed quiet suitable, but stop, here lies the danger. Looking more precisely, many of these are not and may even hurt our search rankings. We would, with these, attract a very large audience, who are not necessarily interested in our services or products. We would therefore generate a big amount of impressions, but clicks will be left out. We may even receive clicks, but the user, seeing that this is not of interest, would directly leave the website, with Google thinking our website is bad and then diminishing our authority and rankings.

As we can see, this is the importance of defining our strategy and goals. For the example, to define us more precisely, we will go, with us being, a small agency, doing web design services for their customers. Short and simple. This is similar for us to a main title. In a second approach, we may define this a bit more, as to say we provide web design services with WordPress, maybe even using another page builder, such as Elementor or even Nicepage. This can also be prolonged to a target segmentation, such as web design with wordpress for lawyers and doctors. This would also be our first and perfect longtail keyword.

Good Keywords

These are your best and top priorities for your page.
Ideally, they appear at least once on your page. Better would be more often. You may have noticed that on this blog page, the word “keyword” has appeared rather often, therefore we could say, it is a good keyword, but careful, this can also be wrong. Why? The word “keyword” could also be referring to something else. For this article, i will add it, but depending on the statistic, i will maybe take it out later, if it proves to be counter productive. For you, check out the meanings of your words and then check it up in the statistics. For the statistics, we use RankMath, but you may also do so with your Google Analytics.

Examples we may use on our above mentioned benchmark, about webdesign:
local web designers near me, web page designer, website designer, websites designer, responsive webdesign, web designer near me, design websites, design web, freelance web designers, web design services, web design agency, web site designers, website designs, website designers, web site designer, design website, web page design, webdesigner, web design company, web designers, web designing, web designer, website designer, web design, website design, web designs“.

Medium Keywords

These are keywords, which may be helpful, but we would generally advise against them. To be precise, we would need to look more in details about them.

Here are the examples we would have to look more in detail:
webdesign software, web design companies, google web designer, websider, web digitizer, webdesign frankfurt, web design definition, what is web designing, what is web design, web design and development“.

As we can see, the main reason is, they are not directly corelated to our benchmark business, the web design service agency. “Webdesign frankfurt” would be used if we were based in Frankfurt or if you want to target Frankfurt. Using the shorttail with definition would only be good if you really have the definition on the page.

Bad Keywords

These are keywords which are completely out of context. Keywords which have and almost nothing to do with your page and business. Depending on your context and country, would also be the foreign language keywords, even if جوجل ويب or ウェブデザイン技能検定 really meant webdesign.

Note: here Google may think we are doing keyword stacking, but for the example, it was necessary, so we hope Google does not see it as such, soo be also careful.
Another topic for another day would be keyword cannibalism. Keyword cannibalism is when you use the same keywords on different pages of yours and therefore would create intrinsic competition. Be mindful with your keywords.

PS: these were our small tips for keyword research, but we may help you with you SEO or your WebDesign. We even have discounts from our partners for you. Ask Us abount them. Your Consulting Team.

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