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Digital Project Management

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Digital Project Management

What is Digital Project Management

The world has move strongly to the internet, so as online. Almost every Business now a days an internet presence and those who have not, are loosing in market share. 

In the past, you maybe remember these beautiful displays of pen and paper, whiteboards and dry erasers. Now all these have moved online, using online project management and collaboration tools and software, to get work done more efficiently and achieve better results.

The Digitalization

To be able to dive into the field, you will need to prepare. Digital Projects are getting more and more complex. The duration may also take several months even with a full stack team.

The digital project manager is the new role of project management.

Digital project management is the process of managing online projects from start to completion, including concept, budget, design and web development.

What does a Digital Project Manager do?

The DPM Strong Points

The role is to make sure the tasks of the digital project are successfully completed on time and on budget. In addition, that it also aligns with business goals.

In the end, every digital project manager has their own way of doing things. The most important is not the process, but more importantly it is the result. Which way is taken to achieve these results don’t really matter, as long as the results are seen as positive.

Examples of Digital Projects

digital project management brainstorming
team employee workers with computer open space home

Tailor-Made Digital Tools

Customized tools and tactics to help the process for success

Monday, Asana, Atlassian, Salesforce, TodoIst, Trello, Wrike, Hubspot are the most famous online tools. Using whiteboards and post it do still remain popular, but are on the declining.

Mainly the digital project management is the center of the project unifying all team members, such as the web developers, the web designers, web marketers and all other experts for the most optimum collaboration.

Bespoke Digital Project Management Plans

Do you really have your Digital Business covered?

As a long lasting WordPress Agency, we take and know the advantages of this first rated Content Management System. We propose the WordPress Service since 2016 for companies and organizations.

WordPress is a free, open set friendly quell code content management system, which started out in 2003. Since then it holds about 40% of the CMS Market Share. It has a really simple and flexible way to scale, which makes it really valuable.

Think Tactics

A typical project flow is as followed. WordPress is one of the best and most popular CMS (Content Management System) combining the best set.

Stay Strategic

Not only having the right tools, but also having the right ways of doing. You may have a golden spoon, but knowing how to use it makes its worth.

We Solve Digital Challenges

What can we do for you?

Web Design

Figma, Wireframes, Logos, UX and UI Designs and Templates.

Web Development

WordPress, Shopware, Shopify and Web-Applications.


Search Engine Optimization On and Technical.

How is your digital project Management?

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Digital Project Management Fundamentals

Most of us know what a project manager is, someone who manages projects, but what about the Digital Project Management, well it is the same, except it goes around the topic of digitalization and accordingly digital project management skills.

For more details, check out our ultimate guide to digital project management here.

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