What is the story behind digitalisation?

What is the story behind digitalisation

What is the story behind digitalisation?

The Latin word for “digital” is “digitalis”.

British is Digitalisation; American is Digitalization.

The term “digitalization” refers to the process of converting analog information (such as audio recordings, photographs, and text) into digital format (such as computer files). This process began in the 1960s with the development of computers and digital technology, which made it possible to store, manipulate, and transmit digital data in a way that was not possible with analog technology.

One of the earliest examples of digitalization was the digitization of sound recordings. Early digital audio tapes (DATs) were developed in the late 1970s, but were not widely adopted until the 1980s, when compact discs (CDs) became popular. CDs offered higher sound quality than analog tapes and were more durable, making them the preferred format for music recordings.

The process of digitalization has continued to evolve, with the development of digital cameras, smartphones, and other digital devices that can capture, store, and transmit digital data. The widespread use of the internet has also played a major role in the digitalization of information, as it has made it easy to share and access digital data from anywhere in the world.

The impact of digitalization has been felt in nearly all aspects of modern life, including entertainment, communication, education, and business. The ability to quickly and easily share information has led to greater efficiency, innovation, and collaboration, but it has also brought new challenges, such as the need to protect digital data from unauthorized access and the need to manage the vast amounts of data that are created and stored.

This was the story behind digitalisation or in american digitalization.

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