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How to boost your website with directories

How to boost your website with directories
How to generate traffic? How to have backlinks to my website? How to get my first referring domains? Ever wondered where to start? Start here!

A directory, in computing, is a container for storing files and other directories. It organizes and categorizes data hierarchically, facilitating efficient file management. Directories are integral to navigating and accessing information within a file system.

A web directory is an online platform that categorizes and lists websites based on various criteria such as topic, industry, or location. It aids users in discovering relevant websites and enhances online visibility for listed entities.

Well, how to start out fast with your digital business is one of the questions we often get asked. We would first ask what you would already have done and in parallel use our knowledge for the quick and first audit draft. We would most often discover the poor search engine range, as the amount of referring domains has already its high opportunity. What do I mean, is of course the directories. Anything below fifty has a large marge of improvement. Here is how to boost your website with directories.

Check out here out post on our list of about 100 directories to receive a free and easy referring boost to your website.

Wait! This is not all. Of course it is good to be referred in directories, but there are extra steps to be helpful instead of only creating an account and adding your business link.

Directories as potential link juice!

What is better than link juice you would say? Well for start, not only bot juice, but also real user traffic. By building links with web directories, you can obtain backlinks that are contextual, relevant and from powerful domains. Every domain which ranks at the top has their directory, but first what is a web directory link building?

What is web directory link building? Web directory link building is the process of placing your website domain link to another website which is categorised as an online database of links. It is also referred as ab online list catalog of websites.

The questions many ask, is if these directories are still relevant. For most who only deposit their backlink, maybe only a bit, as there will still be some traffic, but don’t expect too much. Traffic will be limited in comparison to someone who spends more time on it. Let’s say, for the start, a backlink is okay and better than nothing. For the extra cherry, it would be advised to go more in depth.

What is the opportunity for directories?

What do i mean? For instance, taking care of it to fill in the corresponding data and display it in a correct way. This procedure is so that it also satisfies the curiosity of a potential customer or user to visit your site. To be even more precise, you should qualify the directory as if it is an Ad or publicity, maybe even a banner Ad for which you would pay, for example with display marketing. This way you can start getting the maximum out of it, and also include it as an awareness or consideration step strategy. Remember, you optimise for customers and users, instead of bots and crawlers on the web.

Of course, directories should not be the only backbone of your off-page SEO and not the only thing you do for your link building strategy. It is a start and a good addition which is better than nothing. On the other hand, it is also a huge opportunity to start out a directory marketing campaign. Some directories would even offer to promote your business. You could even decide to invest in that directory and use it as a big investment for your traffic and customer lead.

We checked the statistics from comparison portals for Germany and directories are visited a hundred thousand times per day! This makes about 18 million per month visitors, who use these services. Don’t you want a share of that traffic? So, are directory websites profitable, definitely yes.

Recap for directories

Take your time to fill out all the important data, as not only the Website Link, but also Name, Email, Phone Number and so on. Even upload a nice picture, your logo, if possible a background image.

Focus on your niche, instead of going for random directories.

Presenting yourself and doing a directory submission is advised to keep in mind to stay unique to yourself, have a nice description and focused on your brand.

You may think what web directories? Find out more about directory listing in our corresponding post.

This was how to boost your website with directories and are web directories still relevant presented to you. Do you need help with your off-page SEO? We at MyQuests would be glad to help you in your efforts. Contact us here.

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